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What patients say about Lawrence's treatments

'Less than an hour after my first treatment I was walking home with a family member. Having struggled with breathing for some months I got the comment that I was walking twice as fast as I had for ages. So pleasant to be able to breathe easily. A long term condition, improved and staying better. The thoroughness of Lawrence and objectivity rooted in a clear deep knowledge of human health is most welcome.
[Mr R]

'I went to Lawrence with a painful foot and knee. Lawrence is very professional and has a lovely manner. I felt completely relaxed and welcomed into his space. Although my knee and foot continue to be problematic, I know that Lawrence worked on helping 'align' certain energies in my body. The acupuncture felt very powerful and worked deeply into all aspects of the body. I had quite a 'woozy' feeling afterwards, but in a good way!'
[Ms A]

'I came for a few Japanese acupuncture treatments with Lawrence when on holiday in the area. I felt very much 'under the weather', I was struggling to recover from a prolonged pneumonia which had put me in intensive care and my knees were agony. To be honest, I felt so poorly that I was wondering whether I wanted to keep going on with my life at all. To my amazement after just three treatments, not only were my knees a lot better but my zest for life had returned and I felt back to my old self again, a truly amazing experience. I will be back to see Lawrence for more treatments next time I am in the area!'
[Mrs M]

'I was initially very skeptical about anything 'new age'. I had Achilles tendonitis for well over a year and I'd tried everything and this is the only thing that's given me any improvement. I have to say I am shocked. I feel better in myself and I would highly recommend this to anyone, give it a try!'
[Mrs T]

'Hi Lawrence - with regards to my daughter and her hyper-mobility joint pain. You really are our favourite person right now! She walked out of your office after her first treatment and told me she couldn't feel any pain! We just laughed all the way home. She said she feels great, (something I haven't heard her say in a few years), all but a slight twinge in one knee and one shoulder, but nothing much - acupuncture is amazing !' [Mrs S ]

'I came for acupuncture treatment for my 'tennis elbow' and after having an hour's treatment my husband and I went for a cup of tea. When we got home I saw that some jobs needed doing - and automatically started doing them. I then realised I was using my arm that previously I couldn't have. So without question, the treatment has been a great help.'
[Mrs J]

'Just a thank you Lawrence, I first attended for treatment for chronic arthritic pain on 23/12/17. I was somewhat apprehensive after a decade of physiotherapy, chiropractors, and pain relief. I must admit after the first session I felt different, it was all somewhat surreal with for the first time in years feeling OK. However over the next week without realising it, I had no pain, even my wife commented that there had been a substantial change in my well being. This has changed my life - I feel great, more energy and more active, I couldn’t recommend Lawrence high enough, thank you.' [Mr N ]

'Hello Lawrence - I just wanted to say a massive thank you for my acupuncture sessions. There are many people who believe that acupuncture helps aid fertility, and many women who are going through IVF have acupuncture as it helps blood flow to the uterus and relaxes them during a very tense time. I really believe that the sessions helped me to relax, which is what I needed, and on Friday I found out that I’m pregnant! Thank you again! '[Mrs A ]

'I visited Lawrence for my very first session of Acupuncture. Lawrence was very thorough, going through my full medical and family history, I immediately felt confident in his competence as a practitioner. I was suffering from sleep, stomach and anxiety issues at the time of my treatment. After my first session I immediately felt the positive effects from Acupuncture - I slept better than I had in years, felt calmer and my stomach issues had eased. It was a very relaxing experience. Highly recommended!' [Ms L ]

'After years and years of back problems, I thought I had just about tried it all, chiropractors, osteopaths and finally MRI scans and pain killers. What a relief to have discovered acupuncture and a way to manage the pain and get on with my life. What more can I say other than give it a try, what have you got to lose, and you will never meet anyone more helpful and professional than Lawrence .'
[Mr R]

'I came to Lawrence as a result of my ever-growing generalised anxiety. As an open-minded person I had tried everything under the sun in terms of alternative medicine and therapies and whilst some gave me temporary relief, I was yet to discover a reliable remedy. Lawrence came recommended by two family members, both of whom spent very little time with him due to effective treatment for their ailments. I'd always held the idea that acupuncture was for physical ailments as opposed to mental illness but I was assured his methods were reliable for both. Upon meeting Lawrence I was immediately put at ease and was quick to realise that his practice was 100% about his patients. I genuinely felt that my well-being was of utmost importance to him and in return I put all my faith in his practice. I've been treated by Lawrence regularly over the last couple of months and over the course of my treatment my anxiety has definitely improved. Managing a house move and a career change has definitely put his treatment to the test and despite these major, life-changing events, my anxiety has been kept at bay. Lawrence is a very modest & humble practitioner who deserves recognition for his incredible abilities. On one occasion I was thanking him for improving my quality of life and he was quick to explain that his practice merely resets the bodies natural ability to heal and overcome ailments. Thus refusing credit for his own practice! Thanks to Lawrence, my life has changed for the better. I have more confidence, a brighter outlook and a more positive attitude in general. It is with a happy heart that I recommend Lawrence to you - he could change your life too.'
[Mrs W (age 24)]

‘My work is mostly at a computer keyboard and I suffered disabling migraines, having to be carried home from the office on one occasion. I had five acupuncture treatments at weekly intervals and, apart from a brief “threatening” episode, I have been clear of migraines for two years now.
[Mrs A]

'I suffer from PCOS, a hormonal condition that causes issues with so many aspects of my life, and after over 20 years of seeing no improvement at all to my health using conventional medicine, I finally took the plunge and decided to try acupuncture this year. I wish I had tried it 20 years ago, I have honestly never felt so good in my life. I finally feel that my body is responding to something, and for the first time I’ve found a treatment that actually makes me feel better, not 100 times worse. Lawrence actually listens to how I’m feeling and what I feel needs focusing on and each session is altered to give me the best result possible. My energy levels have improved, my hormones appear to be settling down and I have a general feeling of well-being that I have never had before. I have now become a massive advocate for acupuncture and for Lawrence. ' [Ms D ]

'Back in October 2013 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis on the left side approximately 30cm. I have had several flare ups and always had to resort to steroids to clear it up. I have always been on the highest dosage of Pentasa 2g granules taking two sachets per day and if I forgot to take even one dose I risked having another flare up. My consultant and doctor both told me it was an incurable condition and something I would have to live with. After having yet another flare up in December 2017 I decided that enough was enough and was determined to find a natural cure to this. My father in law recommended acupuncture to me and when I had finished rolling around on the floor laughing at him I reluctantly decided to give it consideration, I booked an appointment to see Lawrence at the end of January 2018. The treatment is relatively painless and not at all what I had expected. I had two sessions one week apart and have not taken medication since late February. I have more energy, feel more relaxed and am generally a less stressed more relaxed individual than ever before. I did previously suffer from anxiety and was easily stressed mainly due to fatigue which was a symptom of ulcerative colitis. Lawrence suggested I return every six to twelve months and I have recently been back for one session to which Lawrence told me that I was fine to go back in another six to twelve months. I am now a believer that the acupuncture has effectively rebooted my immune system and completely cured me. My quality of life has improved no end. Certainly worth £40 every six months or so! [Mr A ]

'Give a Little Whistle - After many years of musculoskeletal problems and recently experiencing general anxiety disorder I became increasingly despairing when conventional treatments for one seemed to worsen the symptoms of others. I decided to try alternative medicine and booked an appointment to see Lawrence, albeit with no great expectations. I had the first session a week ago. A thorough history was taken but included some “strange” questions such as “do you have vivid dreams”, then a “prodding” examination. This was I think the first indication that there may be something to acupuncture. After applying pressure to some sore areas, Lawrence then pressed various other areas and amazingly the sore areas became much less sore. The treatment then moved onto the insertion of needles, which at worse tingled for a second, and then the application of heat and some quiet relaxation. The session seemed over before it had started and I arranged a follow up appointment, not certain whether I would keep it. Making my way back to the car I found myself whistling, for quite honestly the first time in ages. That night I slept better than I had for years. Over the next few days my back pain improved, my energy levels increased significantly, and my anxiety levels reduced. The changes did seem to lessen after six days, and I was very pleased that I had booked a return visit. Lawrence explained that the longer the condition had existed potentially the more treatments that might be required. I had my second appointment today and I can only hope that the significant improvements continue. In addition, Lawrence was thoroughly professional and went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and I thoroughly recommend him.' [Mr GW ]

'After ten weeks of (as they used to say) 'the doctors were baffled', I took up Lawrence's suggestion of an acupuncture consultation. Basically, I was sick from the side effects of prolonged stress with a list of symptoms that were increasingly leaving me miserable, debilitated, dragging myself through mud every day. My GPs went straight for the unholy trinity of antidepressants (no thanks, I wasn't depressed), beta-blockers (horrible side effects) and sleeping pills (addictive, I was warned). No better, I booked in for a treatment on the 'Acupuncture' table. Two treatments, and I feel like the Mr P who was going to hospital in an ambulance with electrodes on my chest and throwing up at the stress of going outside - has gone; and no the acupuncture didn't hurt - as Lawrence uses a Japanese style with very fine needles. He takes a thorough medical history (back to grandparents if possible), feels your pulses and starts poking and prodding to find problem areas. If this is your first foray away from your usual doctors and hospitals, you might find this odd. But, all I can say is that, for me, it worked. After finding achy points in your body he began to pop needles in; for the most part I had no idea they were being inserted, and they don't go in far. I don't know how it works, but 24 hours after climbing off the table I felt better than I had felt in months. The improvement continued day by day with aches and unpleasant symptoms either lessening or simply vanishing. A second treatment, and I don't feel my 50 years, I feel as fit as I did 20 years ago. If you are suffering from something nagging that doctors can't get a grip on or if you're wandering around wondering why you just feel crap and anxious and can't shake it off, give this a go. I have a science background and I like to know how things work. I like evidence. All I can give you is the evidence of my own experience. Two weeks ago, after more than two months of attempted symptom relief by my doctors, I was no better. Two weeks later, after two treatments from Lawrence I feel the best I have felt in years. Based on my profound recent personal experience, I cannot recommend treatment by Lawrence highly enough.'
[Mr. P]

‘I have suffered with lower back/nerve problems for most of my adult life and my recent episode has been the most painful of all. A lot of strong painkillers, a Tens machine and four sessions of traditional Chinese acupuncture helped to ease the pain slightly, but it has been the few Japanese acupuncture treatments I have received from Lawrence that have resulted in me being able to walk more comfortably and to reduce the amount of drugs I have to take. I would like to say a big thank you to Lawrence for taking the time to treat me and easing my pain. The stress and frustration of not being able to live a normal life has taken it's toll these past month's. Thank you again! Highly recommended, all the best!’
[Mr B]

'I came to Lawrence in excruciating pain and had to be assisted into a car and out of a car and needed a stick to slowly and painfully walk. I had had a sickness bug and went back to work too soon and as my job is very physical, I was really too weak to do heavy physical work and my back gave somehow and I was in awful pain which worsened over two weeks. I tried various pain medications but didn’t like the side effects, so after two weeks somewhat skeptical and in desperation I tried acupuncture. I was in tears from the back pain but the acupuncture was very relaxing and the whole experience was amazing. Some of the needles seemed to go right to the source of the pain even though they were in my feet and elsewhere, and I was stunned that when the treatment was over I felt so much better. I was still in pain from the injury but felt radically better. Over the few days since then, I have been steadily improving and have not needed any medication. I went for a second treatment and within a fortnight I was back at work and within another few weeks back to my fully physically demanding lifestyle. The whole treatment was an education for me and I am relieved to find an alternative treatment other than drugs that works. It's a shame this treatment isn't available on the national Health. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Lawrence to anyone - he got me back on my feet – it was a fantastic experience!
[Mr C]

‘I first visited Lawrence as I had problems with severe back pain and during that consultation we discussed other long standing health problems which I have, including atrial fibrillation. This necessitates taking warfarin and hence regular blood checks with the nurse to ensure accurate dosage. A blood pressure reading is also taken at this time, and I was horrified one day to hear that mine had increased to 176 and I would have to see my doctor to discuss taking blood pressure tablets. I happened to have an appointment with Lawrence the following day and began moaning to him about what had happened, when to my surprise he told me that acupuncture could do something about it and I might not need the tablets - something that had never crossed my mind. True to his word and now more than six months after the treatment my blood pressure, which I check daily, is lower and now varies between the twenties and forties – not bad for an eighty year old pensioner, and not one tablet in sight.’
[Ms J]

‘I endured sciatica and lumbago that presented as severe back pain radiating down my leg. This was present for several weeks and only minimally helped by analgesics, I was unable to have a night’s sleep. The quality of my life was deteriorating with the pain and I was obtaining minimal relief with conventional treatments. I am a retired medic and have always been open to alternative treatments. I made an appointment to see Lawrence at his acupuncture clinic. After three sessions in his very relaxing consulting room I had complete relief from my symptoms and also as a bonus my general well-being was improved.’
[Dr S]

'After over six months of severe daily pain, I was at my wits end. I couldn’t even get dressed without help and couldn’t walk because of the pain in my legs. After three treatments with Lawrence, I feel much better and normal life is returning. Now I wonder why I didn’t come sooner and spare myself such a miserable time. Thank You!'
[Mr J]

‘I feel I must share the amazing treatment from Lawrence. I went to see him for a very painful wrist due to arthritis. I have had the pain for a number of years and was putting it down to old age (I am 65). My Doctor prescribed painkillers but they were useless and I did not like taking them so regularly. One session with Lawrence and I am delighted to say I am 50% better already! I am hoping and confident that I will get it 100% better! My daughter came along with me as I was a bit apprehensive (I should not have been ) and after the treatment she said " move your wrist Mum" I then turned it round and round and no pain! My face must have been a picture as my jaw dropped and I was speechless, I then started to beam and say over and over “I can move it, I can move it and it is not painful!” The treatment is absolutely painless and Lawrence has such a gentle and caring manner that he puts you at ease if you are a little tense, he also explains everything he is going to do. I will become a life long patient and go along with any aches or pains in the future. Do not be afraid to try this treatment, I wish I had gone sooner!’
[Mrs M]

'I developed severe lower back pain on a trip last week, so much so that sitting was extremely painful and I was worried about how I was going to be able to drive home to Brighton. I googled acupuncture, as I have used it many times in the past and found it very effective, and found Lawrence who was able to see me at short notice. The first session helped enormously and after the second session, a couple of days later, I was able to do the six hour drive home in reasonable comfort. Now, several days on, my back is fine. I really liked Lawrence's approach and the more gentle, intuitive Japanese Kiiko style, and I felt I was in good hands while he was doing the treatment. I strongly recommend both Lawrence and the treatment!'
[Mr J]

‘Following successful acupuncture treatment for a very painful cracked rib, the result of a violent coughing-fit, I undertook a lengthy series of treatments for faulty vision. Simultaneously, I was treated for painful joints, which I had regarded as age-related deterioration and therefore not open to correction. My vision has improved, enabling me to resume driving at night, and my intra-ocular pressures are consistently lower than they were. Although the joint and muscle pain has not entirely disappeared, the treatment reduced it to comfortable proportions – it doesn’t wake me up any more – where it now remains. Unexpectedly, I have noticed other changes, for example I no longer need an afternoon nap; most interesting of all, perhaps, is the re-awakening of my short-term memory, a subject I’d almost forgotten about!
[Mr J]

'After years of struggling with back pain, it is a relief to know that acupuncture can ease my discomfort in a more natural way than just taking pain killers all the time, I can strongly recommend it. I had the first night free of back pain for a long time. You should try a visit and see.........what's the worst that can happen? I also have a fear of needles, but it was great, Lawrence relaxed and calmed me!'
[Mr R]

'I've been a patient of Lawrence's for a number of years. My main problem has been Crohn's Disease which has been kept at bay by having an acupuncture treatment once every six months. Lately I've been having problems with my hands, which is really self inflicted as I've taken up the guitar late in life (I'm 62). I really was getting great pain especially in the left hand, but now after treatment the pain is gone and the whole hand is more supple and capable. Unfortunately it hasn't made me a better musician, but maybe next time I'll ask him to fix that! Many many thanks Lawrence.'
[Mr T]

'I've recently had two acupuncture treatments and I'm so glad I did. This Japanese acupuncture is very gentle and there is no need for anyone to feel fearful of such ultra-fine needles. I had been suffering from post-viral weakness and everything was too much trouble. I'm delighted to find that my energy levels have returned to normal. I had also been suffering from acute heartburn, after the surgical removal of my gall bladder. It's such a relief to be freed of this. I would encourage anyone to try acupuncture for any ailment.'
[Ms M]

'After just three treatments I feel so much better. My wrists and back are much less painful and I’ve been able to cut down a lot on all my painkillers. I never thought that I would feel better like this again. Acupuncture has really made a difference to my life.'
[Mr T]

'I hurt my back at work when I was 18, and for the last 25 years it has pained me and been a problem both at home and at work. I had six acupuncture treatments with Lawrence and now its much better, with just the occasional twinge. I can now get on and enjoy life more.'
[Mr A]

'I found Lawrence to be a caring, intuitive and dedicated acupuncture practitioner. His calm professionalism immediately put me at ease and he explained what he was doing in a way that made me feel involved in the treatment. I consulted Lawrence for a persistent acute shoulder pain that he managed to eliminate in two treatments, enabling me to sleep well again and regain total mobility in that shoulder joint. I was delighted with the results. As an added bonus I felt relaxed and tranquil for several days after the treatments. I would recommend Lawrence to anyone.'
[Mrs V]

‘After suffering with sciatica for over five weeks a friend suggested that I should try acupuncture as an alternative solution. I was at the point of despair and as visits to my GP had not helped, I decided to give it a go in desperation. Lawrence was recommended to me. I was slightly sceptical whether it would work, but after only one treatment I could feel a difference, the pain was much improved and continued to improve on a daily basis. I wish I had tried it sooner.’
[Mrs A]

'I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease/Colitis two years ago having suffered with the symptoms for 6 years since around the time of having an operation, when it was found that there were cellular changes in the oesophagus due to long term acid reflux. Conventional medicine has been a great help in treating the worst symptoms (bleeding etc.), but has also created numerous side effects. I came to acupuncture because I could not countenance taking more and more drugs to counteract these side effects. I came to acupuncture with no previous experience and did not know what to expect. Lawrence's assessment and physical examination dealt with the whole body as an entity and not just with the symptoms I was exhibiting. I have now been for four treatment sessions and have already begun to be less tired, less depressed and less in pain than I was. Generally I have begun to regain a feeling of well being. The main fear I had was the idea of having needles inserted but actually when you see them they are extremely thin and most of the times you don’t even feel them going in at all. Lawrence explains everything before he does it and is very reassuring and confident. The surroundings are pleasant and I always feel relaxed and well cared for. This type of acupuncture seems to reach the parts that other therapies don’t seem able to touch!'
[Mr T]

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