Stroud Acupuncture for Health and Wellness

Is your health stopping you enjoying life? Try Japanese Acupuncture!

The Japanese ‘Kiiko Matsumoto’ acupuncture style, practiced by Lawrence, the acupuncturist at Stroud Acupuncture in Stroud is gentle, yet very powerful, not just for physical ailments, but for anxiety and emotional problems. Many of my patients come with anxiety, panic attacks, depression or stress related problems, often caused by stress at work or home and include teachers, NHS workers, managers and mothers. Most patients after the first treatment say, 'I haven't felt as relaxed as this for years'. Coming for just a few acupuncture treatments can also strengthen your own healing powers, leading to improvements in your symptoms and your general feeling of ‘well being’. Hence Japanese acupuncture is helpful for a huge range of conditions and problems, just click on the 'Patient Feedback' button to read the range of problems that we treat successfully.

At Stroud Acupuncture in Stroud, we regularly and successfully treat patients with conditions such as:

  • Anxiety and Depression - and emotional problems such as stress, anger, PMS, panic attacks, fear, insomnia, exam nerves, lack of interest in life, lassitude

  • Pain - including arthritis, period pain, ovary pain, back, neck and shoulder pain, sciatica, sprains and injuries, tennis elbow, tendonitis, hyper-mobility joint pain, and weird or unexplained or unknown pain

  • Digestive Problems - including IBS, nausea, Crohn's, Colitis, diabetes, constipation

  • ENT - including sinusitis, allergies, dizziness

  • Headaches - of all types including migraines, cluster and tension headaches

  • Insomnia - and sleeping problems in general

  • Tiredness - weakness and lethargy or just feeling 'under the weather' or 'not your usual self'

  • Circulation - including high or low blood pressure, Reynaud’s, Angina

  • Gynae Problems - including Infertility, PCOS, heavy periods, hot flushes, morning sickness, period mood swings

  • Anything Weird - health problems that no one has been able to help you with!

Acupuncture can be very helpful for long-term chronic health conditions, such as symptoms or pain, that do not respond well to conventional medicine, or where the side-effects of the normal medicines can cause even more serious symptoms and health problems.

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