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Why try Japanese acupuncture for 'free'?

Try Japanese acupuncture for 'free' - your first treatment is free of charge, with no catch and no obligations.

Why try 'Kiiko' style Japanese Acupuncture? - because it is a very effective, yet gentle treatment for emotional and physical ailments and diseases, or conditions that conventional medicine finds hard to treat, or chronic pain that affects mood and energy.

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We are open on Lansdown in Stroud for patients in Stroud, the Five Valleys and Gloucester area.

Do you have any health problems that impact on your life? - Try Japanese Acupuncture!

The 'Kiiko Matsumoto' style of Japanese acupuncture, practiced by Lawrence Stroud, the acupuncturist at Stroud Acupuncture is gentle, yet very powerful, even for anxiety and emotional problems. As a patient recently said:- 'If you are suffering from something nagging that doctors can't get a grip on, or if you're wandering around wondering why you just feel crap and anxious and can't shake it off, give this a go. Two weeks ago, after more than two months of attempted symptom relief by my doctors, I was no better. Two weeks later, after two treatments from Lawrence, I feel the best I have felt in years.' [Mr. P]

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Japanese 'Kiiko' style acupuncture is truly amazing, not just for helping many health problems, but also for general 'wellness', for feeling 'good', for feeling 'full of energy' , for real 'deep relaxation' - many patients after treatment say, 'I haven't felt as relaxed as this for years'.

Visiting an acupuncturist can be very helpful for long-term chronic health conditions, such as symptoms or pain, that do not respond well to conventional medicine, or where the side-effects of the medicines can cause even more serious health problems. Over the last 2,500 years, acupuncture has helped hundreds of millions of people worldwide back to full health. After all, your body knows how to heal itself - the acupuncture just helps it to start remembering how it did it before!

Your health and your past - helping diagnosis

The health problems that you have to suffer today, can often be a direct result of something unresolved in your body. Therefore, when you fill out the 'pre-treatment form', please try and remember all the incidents from your past, especially your childhood. Did you fall from a tree and have to go to hospital; did you cut yourself badly falling off your bike; did you have childhood asthma that stopped when you were a teenager; were your menses difficult when they started, and so on …..... any of these things can be a huge help in tailoring your acupuncture treatment and making it more effective. In particular do have any scars, do they trouble you still now? Sometimes, 'we need to clear the past, so as to heal the present'.

For example a patient came for treatment in her late thirties with a lifetime problem of terrible heavy, draining and emotional periods. We later discovered she had walked into a mirror aged nine and cut her forehead. There was no visible scar, but the area was still sore after 27 years! We treated this scar as part of her treatment and the results were dramatic, her periods became normal, her energy returned, her sleep improved, she felt great - and she got promoted at work!

Can you really help with my anxiety?

About 70% of my patients come with anxiety, panic attacks, depression or stress related problems, often caused by stress at work or home and include teachers, NHS workers, managers and mothers. The amazing thing is that, despite their anxiety, these patients wanted to try acupuncture, often because they didn't want to take medication and were looking for an alternative way to cope. As a patient said about her treatment, "The main fear I had was the idea of having needles inserted, but actually when you see them they are extremely thin and most of the times you don’t even feel them going in at all. Lawrence explains everything before he does it and is very reassuring and confident. The surroundings are pleasant and I always feel relaxed and well cared for. This type of acupuncture seems to reach the parts that other therapies don’t seem able to touch!'

In the majority of cases, after just a few treatments, patients find they are much better and often are able to return to work. You can read some of their testimonials here - [Click to read patients comments].

How quickly will it work?

The number of treatments you will need will depend on your personal health history. The longer you have had a problem, the more treatments it may take. I suggest that you come for at least two treatments, which should enable you to feel if the acupuncture will help you. Most patients come for 2 to 6 treatments until their health problems are resolved.

If you have a serious condition for which there is no cure, you might have a treatment every few weeks, once a month or every quarter, to help alleviate your symptoms and improve your overall feeling of well-being.

Where are you situated?

We are situated in Chedworth House, 8 Lansdown Road, Stroud, GL5 1BD - easily accessible, so our Japanese acupuncture is available close to the Five Valleys and just 25 minutes from Gloucester.

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At last an acupuncturist who practices 'Kiiko Matsumoto' Japanese style acupuncture and covers the Stroud, Five Valleys and Gloucester areas.

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